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Beyond Nuclear

Beyond Nuclear

Beyond Nuclear aims to educate the public about the connections between nuclear power and nuclear weapons and the need to abandon both to safeguard our future. Beyond Nuclear advocates for an energy future that is sustainable, benign and democratic..  Read More.

GMOs (or “genetically modified organisms”) are organisms that have been created through the gene-splicing techniques of biotechnology (also called genetic engineering, or GE). This relatively new science allows DNA from one species to be injected into another species in a laboratory, creating combinations of plant, animal, bacteria, and viral genes that do not occur in nature or through traditional crossbreeding methods. Read more.

Sign the Health Revolution Petition now! 

Global Green

Global Green seeks to bridge the information gap between weak environmental practices and green practices in the workplace to encourage the transition into sustainable practices. While the Green movement has gained more attention, most businesses do not have an initiative on how to implement this into the work place. This initiative, Global Green, will match companies with available green resources and educate them on better environmental practices.

Let's Reduce the Great Garbage Patch!

100% sugar cane fiber (bagasse), a byproduct of the sugar refining process. Supplies of this material are virtually unlimited worldwide. The use of bagasse products eliminates the dependence of traditional wood fiber-based materials in disposable tableware. Read More



LifeStarw® at a Glance

Half of the world's poor suffer from waterborne disease, and nearly 6,000 people - mainly children - die each day by consuming unsafe drinking water. LifeStraw® water purifiers have been developed as a practical way of preventing disease and saving lives, as well as achieving the Millennium Development Goal of reducing by one-half the proportion of people without sustainable access to safe water by the year 2015.

The Dolphin Research Institute

DRI was seeded in the late 80's by people who were concerned about our local dolphins and what we were doing to our marine environment. We have grown in to a well-managed and sustainable not-for-profit conservation organisation.

We must act to stop the tragedies that are being inflicted on dolphins around the country and ensure that our dolphins in Victoria are protected from similar fates, ensuring that future generations can also be touched by these smiling ambassadors for the sea. Read More.

The TRUTH About Cancer

Let's end the cancer pandemic once and for all! This explosive documentary series covers the incredible work brave individuals are doing to find a cure.

Plastic Pollution Coalition

Plastic Pollution Coalition is a global alliance of individuals, businesses and organizations working together to end plastic pollution and its toxic impacts on people, animals, the ocean, and the environment. Visit their website.





NRC is identifying 27 reactors as possibly needing upgrades to better withstand earthquakes. Perhaps, this is a chance for us to reconsider if they should be operating at all. Top rated risks include: NY, Mass., PA, Tenn., Fl., VA, S.C., and CA.

Earth Changes Put Nuclear Plants at Risk

The earth is changing and the plates are moving. This means that our nuclear plants are in danger of leaking deadly radiation. Many of the plants were built in the 1970's and what has happened in Japan is still causing reflection on our nuclear practices. What has happened in Nebraska and New Jersey has served as more gentle reminders that we need to rethink creating plants that have the capacity to destroy and greatly harm life on our planet. Read More.

Alternatively Cured:The Doctors that are Leading the Way

Many doctors are embracing the holistic perspective and their numbers are growing. Their very important medical training has had little focus on nutrition and holistic treatments. The marriage of these two schools of thought has begun and must be embraced without the greed of commercialization. Doctors should not have to risk ridicule or loss of licensure for recommending or supporting patients that choose for themselves alternative treatments. Patients should not feel belittled or discriminated against for their personal choices to participate in alternatives or to abstain from conventional treatments. Read More

  • Dr. Royal Rife
  • Dr. Leonard Coldwell
  • Nurse Rene Cassia
  • Dr. Cass Ingram
  • Dr. Joseph Mercola
  • Dr. Max Gerson
  • Dr. Norman Walker
  • Dr. T. Simoncini
  • Dr. Mathias Rath
  • Dr. John Willard
  •  Dr. Lorraine Day
  • Dr. Dan Raber

Stem Cells

Why Can't We Use Our Own Stem Cells to Heal Our Bodies? by Berkley Bedell, former Congressman

About every one hundred years there is a new medical paradigm shift in medical care.Today the discovery of the body's own repair and regeneration system – autologous adult stem cells – represents an equally incredible discovery.This relatively new discovery of a healing system within the body opens up a whole new vision for treating disease. We all have a banking facility for autologous (the patient's own) stem cells within our bodies in our bone marrow, fat, and other areas. As needed, these cells are called upon to heal injuries or insults within.The FDA's Tissue Reference Group (TRG) has in fact sent letters to physicians performing adipose cell transfers, stating that even if they process these cells during the same surgical procedure in their offices with no culture involved, the practice is still creating a new drug. The importance of ending the efforts of the FDA to oversee the practice of medicine and return the FDA focus to issues it has jurisdiction over cannot be overstated. Read More.


by Roger Drummer

Let’s face it—you’re stressed.  Traffic, the job, the family and health issues all add up to stress.  You’ve decided to work on your health and now you have the added stress of not knowing where to start.  Mention it to your doctor and before you know it he’s handing you the white slip—your ticket to paradise—a note for your friendly neighborhood pharmacist. Read More.



Atomic reactor restarted in Japan, despite overwhelming public opposition  by Beyond Nuclear

A 30-year old nuclear reactor in Sendai, in southwestern Japan, began powering up on August 11, amid much controversy, local active volcanoes and nationwide, and even worldwide, opposition, including by former nuclear power industry workers.

The restart is the first allowed under Japan's Nuclear Regulation Authority post-Fukushima reformed safety rules. Sendai had been shut down in May 2011, shortly after the Fukushima nuclear catastorphe began, and has not operated since, till now.Although the restart may mark a "victory" for the pro-nuclear Prime Minister Abe administration, it is a loss for public health, safety, and the environment. Abe's insistence on disregarding 2 to 1 opposition to the restart amongst the Japanese public may someday cost him and his party at the polls, as well. Read More

Solar Panels

Australian scientists announce solar energy breakthrough

AFP. Australian scientists said Monday they had made a breakthrough in increasing the efficiency of solar panels, which they hope could eventually lead to cheaper sources of renewable energy. In what the University of New South Wales described as a world first, the researchers were able to convert more than 40 percent of sunlight hitting the panels into electricity. Read More.


Let It Shine: The 6,000-Year Story of Solar EnergyBook

Let it Shine by John Perlin

Even as concern over climate change and energy Let security fuel a boom in solar technology, many still think of solar as a twentieth-century wonder. Few realize that the first photovoltaic array appeared on a New York City rooftop in 1884, or that brilliant engineers in France were using solar power in the 1860s to run steam engines, or that in 1901 an ostrich farmer in Southern California used a single solar engine to irrigate three hundred acres of citrus trees. Fewer still know that Leonardo da Vinci planned to make his fortune by building half-mile-long mirrors to heat water, or that the Bronze Age Chinese used hand-sized solar-concentrating mirrors to light fires the way we use matches and lighters today.

With thirteen new chapters, Let It Shine is a fully revised and expanded edition of A Golden Thread, Perlin’s classic history of solar technology, detailing the past forty years of technological developments driving today’s solar renaissance. This unique and compelling compendium of humankind’s solar ideas tells the fascinating story of how our predecessors throughout time, again and again, have applied the sun to better their lives — and how we can too.


Great Lakes

Radioactive Waste "cargo" on the Great Lakes

The Great Lakes ecosystem is home to 20 per cent of the world’s fresh water — the largest reserve of fresh water on Earth. As it cascades from the centre of the North American continent through the St. Lawrence and out to the Atlantic Ocean, the Great Lakes system provides not only drinking water, but fish and often emotional and spiritual sustenance for more than 35 million people.

As Kevin McMahon compellingly illustrates in his award-winning 2009 documentary Waterlife, the Great Lakes today blend beauty with blemish, and are under assault by toxins, sewage, falling water levels and underwhelming governmental protection.And the situation may have just gotten worse.

Earlier this month, after a series of hearings, the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC) issued Bruce Power a transport licence, valid for one year, to ship 16 decommissioned radioactive steam generators through the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Seaway. The Toronto Star



Spiritual Intelligence:Human Consciousness Realized

By Dianne Irene. Spiritual Intelligence is a reflection of what humanity is and what we can strive to be. Join this journey of hope and realization about the human spirit and understand what part the physical world plays in our journey to love, grow and learn. Understanding who we are in this reality allows our lives to progress in a positive manner. Empower yourself to be consciously aware. Science is beginning to understand that the supernatural is natural. Physics, philosophy, NDE, and psychology are explored. Empower yourself to be consciously aware. Read More.


SBU Study Reveals Harmful Effects of CFL Bulbs to Skin

Harmful effects from CFL cannot be denied. Inspired by a European study, a team of Stony Brook University researchers looked into the potential impact of healthy human skin tissue (in vitro) being exposed to ultraviolet rays emitted from compact fluorescent light (CFL) bulbs. The results, “The Effects of UV Emission from CFL Exposure on Human Dermal Fibroblasts and Keratinocytes in Vitro,” were published in the June issue of the journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology.Read More.



ONE It is Time

By Joesph R. Simonetta. Our hunger for security and peace compels us to launch a new era in human history. We have the knowledge and technological means to reduce ignorance and suffering and to expand knowledge and justice. It is within our powers to restore our planet, sustain humanity, and advance our civilization. We can bequeath to posterity a beautiful planetary home in which all people enjoy a peaceful and healthy life. Read More.



$250 Million Wind Farm Built Near Groton

By Brian Allen KSFY

Big news for the Day County town of Groton, near Aberdeen. Construction on a 250 million dollar wind farm, announced just today, is set to begin in just a few weeks.

How big of a deal is this? South Dakota's Public Utilities Commission says by the end of next year, South Dakota will produce enough wind-made electricity to power half the homes in the state.By this time next year, a new set of wind turbines will dot the skyline near Groton. Read More.



The Energy Solution Revolution:

A Socio-Political Journey Through the Tangled World of Free and Clean Energy, Its Promise, Its Suppression and Its Logical Necessity for Our Survival 

by The Late Dr. Brian O"Leary

Making Progress Towards a ‘Greener’ IT Department

by Carl Gill

Why do it?
Going green can offer companies a wide range of benefits. Some choose to go green to reduce their impact on the environment; others want to reduce operating costs through energy efficiency.   Did you know that the information and communications technology sector is responsible for 2 percent of emissions, equal to the aviation industry?  Read more here.


Vortex Gravity Control

Paul Richard Price,
Copyright 2004

This paper was originally entitled 'Gravity as a Mass Unit and Using Modulated Frequency Energy and Vortex Compression to Control Gravity', presented by Paul Price at the STAIF 2004 conference. There are characteristics that show that sub atomic mass and electromagnetism work together to create the effect that we call gravity. I will show how there should be a mass function of gravity and how the mass can be perturbed creating the effects we know as inertia, centrifugal and centripetal force and how the control of gravity will nullify or maintain the effects. Read More.


PLA Containers

No More Petroleum Needed

SKS Bottle offers PLA plastic (Polymerized Lactic Acid) as an environmentally friendly packaging solution. PLA plastic is a clear, nature-based green packaging option made entirely from corn or sugarcane. With a look and feel similar to PET plastic, PLA plastic containers are a viable solution to give your product a beautiful presentation from a non-depleting source. It is evident that consumers are attracted to the idea of green packaging, and PLA plastic could help your product and company stand out by providing a natural form of product differentiation. Learn More


 Reinheriting the Earth:

Awakening to Sustainable Solutions and Greater Truths

By The Late Dr. Brian O'Leary



It is essential for those who do not have an innate ability to feel empathy to learn this process even if they cannot truly feel what others feel. The acknowledgement of our actions as a direct reaction on others can still be a learned process that will enable an individual to progress to a more balanced state. by Dianne Irene Read more.




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