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We align the most talented leaders without conflict to empower and build business for a shared goal of success and growth. Several experts got together and felt that working together for mutual prosperity was in the best interest for everyone. We have taken this concept and have begun building a network of mature professionals that wish to share in success and collaboration. GDG has encompassed the best of leadership, technology, personal responsibility and mentoring strategies in several industries. Profit is not the most important thing. Instead, we are dedicated to making the world a better place.

Global Development Bylaws

1. Acknowledge that every human being has the right to pursue the sanctity of life, freedom in individuality, personal expression, and to pursue their own visions.

2. Collaborate with leaders and experts and strive to leave politics and special interests out of our common goals.

3. Promote ethical leadership, responsible technology, and a sustainable environment.


• Pledge not to use any monies earned for your services at GDG for corrupt purposes.

4. Make no judgment on the personal spiritual perspective of another individual, but strive to practice love, honesty, compassion, and understanding.


a. Do not participate in racism, sexism, or hatred.

5. Value human life in each member of the planet and do not participate in manipulation that would knowingly bring harm to people who may not have the resources or knowledge to defend themselves from harm.


a. Do not knowingly suppress information that would improve the environment, living conditions of people, or the ecosystem of the planet.
b. Do not participate in unethical practices and pursue that which is good for humanity.
c. Make no such allegiance to an organization that seeks to harm life on this planet.

6. Conduct yourself in a professional manner as a representative of a skill or knowledge and seek out opportunities to empower others.


a. Strive to live as a master of your trade or skill.

7. Do not let greed or corruption suppress knowledge that should be shared and prospered by humanity.


a. Encourage openness and transparency in technological development, knowledge, and health advancements.

8. Commit to putting your family’s health, love, and respect above monetary gain, fame, or power.

9. Support the right of individuals to seek alternative health care and the right of an individual to seek or abstain from traditional medicine.

10. Keep your word and when that is not possible then seek personal responsibility and disclosure.