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Alternatively Cured:

The Doctors that are Leading the Way

By Dianne Irene


Many years before the advent of pharmaceutical companies, independent researchers and practitioners partook in the use of herbs and medicine made from simple sources. While to some this may seem like a backwards way to pursue health, it was a very important foundation for humanity. Understanding the basic processes would allow these researchers to lay the ground work for modern medicine. The various schools of thought could be individually assessed and understood. When modern medicine narrowed the field of medicine to a purely allopathic focus, the field of vision and open exploration became narrow and rigid. While most pharmaceuticals are based on understanding chemical processes originally found in nature, the creation of synthetic chemicals that are patented have become the most accepted means of delivering tools for the human body to use. While the great strides in understanding the science of health cannot be discredited, the lack of bringing along the holistic perspective has been unfortunate.

Many doctors are embracing the holistic perspective and their numbers are growing. Their very important medical training has had little focus on nutrition and holistic treatments. The marriage of these two schools of thought has begun and must be embraced without the greed of commercialization. Doctors should not have to risk ridicule or loss of licensure for recommending or supporting patients that choose for themselves alternative treatments. Patients should not feel belittled or discriminated against for their personal choices to participate in alternatives or to abstain from conventional treatments.

Nature Verses Manmade

The chemical processes in nature have been observed and the result is the creation of synthetic chemicals that mimic what nature does. However, there are no synergistic compounds with those chemicals as you would see in nature. For example, Spinach does have calcium, but it also contains a host of other nutrients that work with the calcium. When only one chemical process is the focus the synergy is lost. Nature has a great ability to orchestrate compounds that are not seen in most pharmaceuticals. As a result, the body may have to seek out the supporting nutrients in order to complete the same process. In this way, it can act as an anti-nutrient and have to pull from the sources already within the body. This is the case with bleached sugar as it must pull from the stores within the body in order to process the sugar. You can read some very interesting information about nutrients and the importance of synergy here from Become Healthy Now:


There is also discussion about the differences at the molecular level between synthetic chemicals and natural ones. Synthetic vitamins that are made of synthetic chemicals that mimic natural ones are different in their molecular structure.  The molecules have a natural spin to them. Most natural supplement molecules will spin clockwise and most synthetic ones will spin counter-clockwise. This means that the synthetic chemicals must be translated by the body to connect to other molecules that require the structure of the natural substance or clockwise motion. This is where side effects can come into play because it is not exactly synergistic with the body. This can also be hard on your organs that must process and eliminate these chemicals. Dr. Cass Ingram does a great job of explaining this in greater detail and his paper can be read here:



In the United States, doctors can only offer treatments for cancer by recommending chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery. Yet England’s cancer tsar Professor Mike Richards said he was “very concerned” about the use of chemotherapy (On Cancer Business regarding “effectiveness”). A congressional record dating, September, 9, 1987 from Dr. Samual S. Epsein states that, “Chemotherapy and radiation can increase the risk of developing a second cancer by up to 100 times”. Chemotherapy originally came from a war drug that was designed to kill humans". Dr Ralph Moss states, “Chemotherapy is ineffective in treating most cancers, the exceptions being acute lymphocytic leukemia, Hodgkin's disease, nonseminomatous testicular cancer, as well as a few very rare forms of cancer, including choriocarcinoma, Wilm's tumor, and retinoblastoma” (Questioning Chemotherapy Read more here.). Yet, chemotherapy is widely used on all cancers.

The cancer survival rate is discussed in the publication, Clinical Oncology (2004. 16: 549e560 doi:10.1016/ j.clon. 2004. 06.007) in an article entitled, The Contribution of Cytotoxic Chemotherapy to 5-year Survival in Adult Malignancies. In the article, the conclusion and results state:

The overall contribution of curative and adjuvant cytotoxic chemotherapy to 5-year survival in adults was estimated to be 2.3% in Australia and 2.1% in the USA. Conclusion: As the 5-year relative survival rate for cancer in Australia is now over 60%, it is clear that cytotoxic chemotherapy only makes a minor contribution to cancer survival. To justify the continued funding and availability of drugs used in cytotoxic chemotherapy, a rigorous evaluation of the cost-effectiveness and impact on quality of life is urgently required.


Biopsies have been the only accepted method of confirming a malignancy in the medical field. Even though it is understood that vascular changes are a consistent process in the formation of cancer. The medical community feels the urgency of understanding exactly what the biopsies show based on predictors of how the cancer might behave and how fast it could spread. From that vantage point, it is understandable why they wish to do so. However, the alternative perspective takes a holistic approach in healing the body. Regardless of the type of cancer, the treatment is the same. This is one reason why the holistic philosophy has a different perspective on biopsies.

There is also a concern of spreading the cancer if the wall of the tumor is broken. The body will often times create a wall around the tumor and keep it enclosed. When a needle or incision breaks through this wall, there is a chance that the cells could migrate and find their way to another location. The John Wayne Cancer Institute conducted a study to find out if biopsies contributed to the spread of breast cancer. Their results were surprising to the medical community. They reported three types of biopsies as being (FNA) Fine Needle Aspiration, large-gauge needle core, and excisional (surgery). Their conclusion was that, “Manipulation of an intact tumor by FNA or large-gauge needle core biopsy is associated with an increase in the incidence of SN metastases, perhaps due in part to the mechanical disruption of the tumor by the needle”.

Mammogram Verses Thermogram (Thermology, Infared)

Society makes allowances for religion. If a Jehovah’s Witness goes to the hospital and refuses a blood transfusion or certain treatments, there is a protocol that is followed. Go to the hospital for cancer and if you refuse chemotherapy and radiation, you could be seen negatively. This discrimination is no better than discriminating against a religion. Women are starting to choose thermograms instead of mammograms and the medical community has even refused to treat some women who make this choice. Something is very wrong with this picture. In fact, breast tissue is one of the most sensitive tissues to radiation next to a fetus. It is understood that radiation can lead to abnormal changes in tissue. This makes radiation exposure on a regular basis a real issue for women. Many also feel that if they do have an abnormal growth then they do not want to radiate this tissue.

The concern that woman have that mammograms could be contributing to cancer is not unfounded. A study of 110,000 Norwegian women using mammograms were part of a study to find out if there was a link between mammograms and breast health. The results of the study showed that woman had a 22 percent increase occurrence of invasive breast cancer when using mammograms yearly in a five year time span (Zahl, PH., 2008). The International Journal of Health Services published a report based on, “47 scientific articles on mammography at the prestigious Chicago School of Public Health” (Euler, L., 2011). The findings showed that mammograms show an, “induction and promotion of breast cancer” (Epstein, S. 2001). Since mammograms have become a common practice, ductal carcinoma in situ has risen by 328 percent. This finding is compounded from research by the University of California, San Francisco where researchers found that “200 percent of this surge is due to mammography” (Euler, L., 2011).

Dr. Joseph Mercola states the following:

You might not realize that cancer is now the disease most likely to lead to your death. It passed heart disease as the #1 killer a number of years ago. And if you are a woman, breast cancer is the type of cancer you are most likely to get. That's why I don't recommend mammograms, despite what you may hear from other medical sources. They expose your body to radiation that can be 1,000 times greater than that from a chest x-ray -- this makes you vulnerable unnecessarily to further risks of radiation-induced cancer. Additionally, mammography compresses the breasts tightly (and often painfully), which could lead to a lethal spread of any existing malignant cells. And there is no solid evidence that mammograms save lives. In fact, research demonstrates that adding an annual mammogram to a careful physical examination of the breasts does not improve breast cancer survival rates over getting the examination alone. You can read more on this here:

Thermograms have been FDA approved since 1982 and recently Helen Barr, M.D., director of the Division of Mammography Quality and Radiation Programs in the FDA’s Center for Devices and Radiological Health made a statement that thermograms should be used in conjunction with other tests and not replace them (FDA, 2011). Thermograms have been shown to detect abnormal issues long before a mammogram, uses no radiation, will not cause accumulative radiation exposure over the years, and is based on temperature and vascular formation which is a strong indicator of abnormality rather than just structural changes. The thermograms show abnormality rather accurately. Then further testing with utlrasound and biopsies are suggested by the medical community. In the FDA article, it states, "Web sites have been touting thermography as a replacement for mammography and claim that thermography can find breast cancer years before it would be detected by mammography. The problem is that FDA has no evidence to support these claims." However the focus should be abnormal findings as there are many abnormal conditions besides cancer. Just as a mammogram cannot alone prove malignancy. According to the American Cancer Society, "A mammogram may show something suspicious, but by itself it can't prove that an abnormal area is cancer (2014). There are numerous medical studies on thermograms that have been conducted by the medical community (Read more here.)

One of the justifications is that a thermogram is not accurate. However, medical research on thermograms done in several countries has shown an interesting pattern. Thermograms can actually see vascular changes to tissue and may serve as a long term picture of what is developing. Simple benign growths have poor vascular development or blood supply. Cancer has a more developed vascular system or blood supply. Newer thermology technology has shown even more promising results. In one study 92 women who were undergoing biopsies after having a mammogram or utlrasound. Out of all the biopsies 60 were found to be malignant. The digital infared thermal imaging found 58 out of the 60 malignancies with a 97% sensitivity rate ( Am J Surg,. 2008). You can read the study here.

The focus of the debate needs to be revisited. The issue is abnormality. Any abnormality is a concern for the health of the body. In the study entitled, "Breast Thermography After Four Years and 10,000 Studies, they state, "The development of an abnormal pattern when compared to a normal baseline study must always be viewed with extreme suspicion, for in each such case that has come to biopsy the pathologist has reported disease, either benign or malignant". It should be noted that the technology of this study was based on the older models of thermography machines from 1960's and 1970's. Thermography machines have improved since then. Even with the older technology abnormality was evident. In their findings they state, "Thermography is an innocuous examination that can be utilized for preliminary screening of asymptomatic women to focus attention upon those who should be examined more intensively because of greater risk of breast cancer." (Isard, et al, Vol. 115, No. 4) This recommendation means less radiation and risk of breast cancer from testing modalities. This means that repeat thermograms could be helpful in health monitoring. This would reduce the radiation exposure. You can read the study here.

Thermography is used in the medical community in several different ways and you can read about just a few of those clinical studies here:

Holistic Medicine

One very important factor should be noted about alternaitves or holisitic mediicines. They are tools. The body actually uses tools to heal itself. This means that what we put into our bodies may cuase a chemical reaction, but our bodies must interact with that substance in order for it to have an action in the body. So when someone says that a cure has been found, what they are really saying is that a tool has been found that allows the body to heal itself.

Alternative cancer treatments are not readily accepted in the United States, but alternative treatments are being used around the world. If someone chooses to take an alternative then it is their sovereign right. No doctor, organization, or institution has the right to determine an individual’s treatment choice. Doctors all over the world do use holistic medicine and conventional medicine and have begun to explore other possibilities. In the United States, this has been less possible because of regulations that are put in place. The health care industry has a large profit margin. The process of patenting and selling millions or billions of dollars of a patented medicine has saturated the market as the acceptable process of treating disease. Yet, healthcare is a personal choice. The compliment of both schools would benefit the health of patients and this is after all the most important factor of health care.

Dr. Max Gerson

The story of Dr. Max Gerson may not have been possible if Hitler's army had succeeded in exterminating just one more Jew. In 1933, He fled Germany as the only survivor among his seven siblings. He made his journey to the United States where he would begin his incredible fight against cancer for many of his patients. His story is important to the history of understanding cancer and how we have come to an single allopathic view.

On July 1-3, of 1946, Dr. Gerson spoke to a Congressional Subcommittee at a hearing that could have provided $100 million dollars for a cancer research center that would be headed by Dr. Gerson. Five of his cancer patients and the medical records of various others were used in testimony that Dr. Gerson's methods were not just a treatment, but had cured their cancer. In fact, ABC news correspondent, Raymond Graham Swing even announced that a cure for cancer had been found. The public response jammed the phone lines at ABC. Shortly thereafter, Raymond was fired after more than 30 years of service. The anti cancer bill of 1946, Document Number 8947 now sits on a shelf collecting dust.

Gerson had to reconstruct some of his book manuscript before publishing when some files were stolen and Dr. Gerson became strangely ill. His secretary was fired when it was discovered that she was stealing files for someone. In 1958, Dr. Gerson published the book entitled, "A Cancer Therapy: Results of 50 Cases". It sold over 100,000 copies and was printed in several languages. The book represented many patients that had treated and been cured with Dr. Gerson's help. It shows medical records of before and after the treatment. It is one of the most comprehensive examples of an alternative therapy at work. He had become unexplainably ill again and when he tested himself he discovered that he had high levels of arsenic in his system and believed that he was poisoned. Dr. Gerson passed away in 1959.

By then, he had tracked over 1500 hundred successful cases of complete remission of cancer. His family now continues his work in Mexico and in San Deigo, California at the Gerson Institute. There are laws that dictate chemo, radiation, and surgery as the only treatments for cancer in the United States. It is considered illegal in the United States to treat cancer with therapies other than those that are approved by governing bodies.

Here is the basic plan of the Gerson Therapy:
Juicing: A juicer was designed by Dr. Norman Walker in 1934. He felt that if humans consumed juice from raw fruits and vegetables on a regular basis that it would enable them to live a healthy life of about 120 years. It is interesting to note that Dr. Walker died at 117 in June of 1985 and practiced his belief rigorously. The concept is that consumption of these pressed juices would enter the bloodstream quickly and be able to reach the areas of the body that needed the nutrients. Eating the same amount of vegetables without juicing would mean hours of digestion and consuming much more food than most could handle. Dr. Gerson recommended that patients drink 1 glass of juice 13 times a day.

Organic Food: An array of fresh raw fruits and vegetables.

Removing Toxins: Poisons and stresses must be removed from the body. Gerson subscribed to using enemas made from organic coffees and other formulas. He also had a list of toxins that people are exposed to on a daily basis including everything from car fumes, electromagnetic energy, and cleaners. He found that these enemas encouraged the liver to dump toxins into the colon where the body could remove them. He advised against the exposure to Florine and Chlorine. (which is found in tap water and in some bottled waters). He emphasizes that you must restore the Liver Function to 100%. Pancreatic enzymes can be included. Meat is not acceptable.

Additional Information: The use of food grade hyrdogen peroxide, enzymes, raw Flax oil, vitamin C, iodine, and others can also be used. Also, the use of tap water is not suggested, but the use of distilled or water that has had all chemicals removed is acceptable. For more information visit the Gerson Website :

There is a hospital in Budapest, Hungary that is treating cancer patients with the philosophy of the Gerson therapy. This hospital operates out of a castle and is called the Acsa-Ujlak Mansion. Other hospitals are opening in Asia and Europe. Resource: The Gerson Miracle film. 2004.

Dr. Simoncini

In Italy, Dr. Simoncini, an oncologist trained in medical oncology, began to get frustrated seeing his patients suffer. He began researching and testing cancer. Without the need for a giant foundation and millions of dollars, he found a commonality among all soft tissue cancers. They all contained a fungus or form of Candida. He then began experimenting with what would kill this fungus. He discovered that sodium bicarbonate killed the tumors within hours. Because Italy does not have the same regulations as in the United States, he was able to freely explore this and start helping patients. He also formulated chemotherapy from sodium bicarbonate and was able to give it to his patients without them losing their hair or getting sick. His discovery should be heralded with a Nobel Prize, instead it is not “allowed” to be practiced in the United States. The version of sodium bicarbonate that is used must be food grade and free from chemicals and aluminum. You can read more and see videos of his cure in action here:

Dr. Mathias Rath

Another doctor in Germany, Dr. Mathias Rath, who was the protégé to Linus Pauling who was a Nobeloreate, began seeing results with supplements and notably with the cancer not spreading with the use of various supplements. According to his research it has,defined a new direction in cancer research by shifting its primary focus from eliminating cancer cells to addressing a common pathomechanism of all cancers, which is the degradation of the surrounding connective tissue. This mechanism is a precondition for cancer metastasis (the main cause of death from cancer), tumor growth, angiogenesis and other aspects of malignancy. He suggested that the amino acid lysine and vitamin C could effectively control this process as the necessary components for optimum strength and stability of collagen and connective tissue in the body” (Rath, 1992). In fact, one of his discontinued formulas, Epican Forte, was found to be a favorite among some Fibromyalgia sufferers. He has conducted numerous studies and published his finding here:

Dr. Leonard Coldwell

Dr. Coldwell had been curing cancer with an eclectic approach. He utilized what other doctors and researchers has discovered and put them together. When his own mother became ill with liver cancer, he cured her using this approach. Since then, he has cured many others, but no longer practices his cancer treatment because he was being harassed. He states, “I retired from working with patients for 2 reasons: One was the constant restrictions and attacks," from, "pharmaceutical companies, and the medical industry. Even in spite of having the opinion of leading experts and the highest cancer cure rate in the world! The second reason I retired was to be able to teach, research and educate, and to rid the world of cancer” (Coldwell, 2008).

He provides a list of steps to follow which include the use of Essiac (not generic versions), vitamin B17 also found in apricot seeds, sodium bicarbonate (food grade only), silver (collidal with at least .001 microns in size -small enough to get into the cells), raw organic fruits and vegetables, enzymes, hydrogen peroxide, several other supplements, as well as dealing with the stress and emotional contributions to cancer. You can read more here.

Nurse Rene Cassia

Rene Cassia is considered to be one of the greatest heroines of the past century. She did not make a profit off of her cure and when she died, there was no national mourning for the loss. She did work for the Red Cross and had the heart of a social worker. Her formula Essiac contains Burdock Root, Slippery Elm Inner Bark, Sheep Sorrel and Indian Rhubarb Root. It should be noted that the cultivation and processing of these herbs and their specific strain are important.  In her own words she stated:

The Mayor and the Council of Bracebridge were very enthusiastic about getting the clinic started. With the help of friends, relatives and patients, I furnished an office, dispensary, reception room and five treatment rooms.

From 1934 to 1942 I paid the Council the sum of $1.00 per month for the building and there was a large "CANCER CLINIC" sign on the door. I treated thousands of patients who came from far and near, most of them given up as hopeless after everything in medical science had failed. Some arrived in ambulances, receiving their first treatments lying down in an ambulance; after a few treatments they walked into the clinic without help.

I had absolute faith that I could accumulate enough proof of results obtained with different types of cancer, as demanded by the Cancer Society, the medical profession would eventually be glad to accept Essiac as an approved treatment. I did not know then of an organized effort to keep a cancer cure from being discovered, especially by an independent researcher not affiliated with any organization supported by private or public funds. Tremendous sums have been raised and appropriated for official cancer research during the past 50 years, with almost nothing new or productive discovered. It would make these foundations look pretty silly, if an obscure Canadian nurse discovered an effective treatment for cancer!

"My own dear mother became ill..."

About the time I opened my Cancer Clinic in Bracebridge, my own dear mother became ill. The four local doctors said she had gallstones, and her heart was too weak for surgery. Mother was 72 years old at the time.

As she got worse, I insisted on calling Dr. Roscoe Graham, a consulting specialist of international fame, for an examination and consultation with the other doctors. After the consultation, Dr. Graham came to me and said: "Your mother has cancer, Miss Caisse. Her liver is a nodular mass."

Dr. McGibbon, a local doctor who was set against my cancer work, said very sarcastically, "Why don't you do something?" "I'm certainly going to try, doctor," I replied. And I asked Dr. Graham, "How long does she have to live?" Dr. Graham thought it would be only a matter of days.

I immediately started treating her with ESSIAC. I gave it daily for 10 days. When she improved I reduced the treatment to three a week, then to two, then to one. She continued to improve. To make a long story short, my mother completely recovered. She passed away quietly after her 90th birthday — without pain, just a tired heart.

This repaid me for all my work — giving my mother 18 years of life she would not have had without ESSIAC. It made up for the great deal of persecution I have endured at the hands of the medical world. A few to investigate doctors in the United States became sufficiently interested in Essiac the John Wolfer of treatment. Some people from Chicago who knew my work persuaded Dr. the treat patients in Alumni Association of Northwestern University at Chicago, to have me a Chicago clinic under the observation of their doctors.

A consultant specialist took me to see Dr. Wolfer and read the histories of the cases selected for my treatment — all hopeless or terminal. I looked the histories over and asked "when would you like me to start, doctor?" He looked surprised because, as he told me later, he had expected me to turn them down. I arranged to be in Chicago to treat these patients each Thursday, under observation of five doctors. The consulting specialist asked me, as he took me back to the home of friends in Chicago, why I had accepted these terrible cases.

"I will show results that will surprise your doctors, even in these late stages of the disease," I told him. "The results will be enough to interest even the most sceptical doctors." I was proved right. Later, these doctors offered to open a clinic for me in the Passervant Hospital in Chicago, if I would stay in the United States.

Dr. Richard Leonardo, a surgical specialist and coroner of Rochester, NY, at first scoffed at the idea of any merit in my work. "The only way to prove or disprove the merit of Essiac," I told him, "is to remain in the clinic and see the patients and observe my work and results." He decided to do so.

The first day he stayed and talked to patients; then he told me he was satisfied that I was getting results, but it was my faith and encouragement that brought hope and improvement to my patients -- not my treatment. "These results are entirely psychological" he stated emphatically. The second day I invited him to come into my treatment room, examine patients and watch me administer the treatment. We had many advanced cases of cancer and I did not finish in the clinic until 7:30 p.m.; he stayed until the last patient left.

"Young lady," he told me, "I must congratulate you. You have made a wonderful discovery." Dr. Leonardo stayed for four days examining patients and became more and more interested in my results. "I like your method of treatment," he said. "I feel it will change the whole theory of cancer treatment and will eventually do away with surgery, radium and x-ray treatments for cancer."

He offered to establish and equip a hospital in Rochester if I cared to move there and work with him. I particularly appreciated Dr. Leonardo's opinion because he had been scientifically trained in Germany, Vienna, London and Scotland and he at first had been so completely sceptical of my treatment. Both of these offers to establish clinics in the United States were tempting, but my forbears on both sides of my family had come to Canada from France in the 1700's and I had made up my mind long ago that Canada would get the credit for providing a cure for the world's most dreaded disease.

Dr. Leonardo's investigation of my treatment was during the summer of 1937, while Dr. Emma H. Carson of Los Angeles was spending June and July of that year visiting my Bracebridge Clinic and studying the treatment and its result. Dr. Carson's belief in my cancer theory and treatment reflected that of the many physicians who had followed my work for the preceding ten years. . (Read more here:

Dr. Royal Rife

Dr. Rife had the heart of a scientist and he used his genius to cure cancer using radio waves. Many have recreated machines calling them Rife machines, but they do not match the science that was used by Rife. He used frequencies in the range of “139,200 Hertz for Anthrax to 1,607,450 Hertz for the BX cancer virus” (Rife Videos, 2012). His frequencies can be found on Rife had actually figured out what frequencies would kill many types of virus and fungus. He had frequencies for Spinal Meningitis, E Coli, and many others. Rife stated, ““Having spent every dime I earned in my research for the benefit of mankind, I have ended up as a pauper but I achieved the impossible and would do it again.”

Rife demonstrated his cures and those who witnessed the healing were amazed. In 1958, Rife published his findings in Culturization of Virus, where he made advancements in understanding viruses with a microscope he invented. Then he used radio waves to blast the cancer or other microbes with amazing results. You can read many of his studies here: Be forewarned that there are many machines being sold that are not based on his original technology.

Dr. Dan Raber

Bloodroot has been known to kill cancer for thousands of years by the Indians. They used it for other aliments as well. While some promote it as a poison, many have testified that it indeed killed their cancer. Dr. Dan Raber died tragically, but his research and practices are being carried on. Dr. Dan cautioned patients that, “Many practitioners use Sanguinarine which is a benzophenanthridine alkaloid predominantly found in Papaveraceae such as the roots of the Bloodroot plant Sanguinaria Canadensis L. (Latin name).  Sanguinarine is the active ingredient in TumorX Paste and other anti-cancer salves, i.e. the Hoxsey salve, Dr. Mohs Chemosurgery salve, Black Salve, Bloodroot Salve, and Bloodroot Paste.  Some practitioners attempt to deal with the pain factor by diluting concentrations of bloodroot in their formula, thereby diluting the bio-activity of Sanguinarine: Tragically their success rate is that of conventional medicine or lower”. Again, there is a science to the holistic perspective and many copy cat products are not effective.

The success of bloodroot in its correct form in killing cancer is astounding. There are hundreds of clinical trials showing that cancers cells die from this herb. Cancer cells cannot process bloodroot and it causes their death. Healthy cells can process it and therefore it leaves the patient healthy. In fact, Dr. Dan Raber even cured his own cancer using the protocol. Unfortunately, Dr. Dan became the victim of litigation for using his protocol and some feel that it led to his death. He was unyielding in what he believed and refused to give in.. Sue Gilliatt sued Dr. Dan and Alpha Omega Labs makers of a product called H30 claiming that the bloodroot caused her nose to fall off. After much stress and strain on Dr. Dan, it was eventually dropped when it was discovered that the claims were false and she may never had cancer to begin with. The court case, No. 1:03-CV-1183 LJM-WTL, lasted for two years and worked in scaring others away from bloodroot. You can read more here: His work is continuing. You can read about cancer cures here:

Note: Understand that just because something is called black salve or bloodroot does not mean it is of nutraceutical grade. This is very important to understand as there are many false versions on the market.

Recently BioAnuelabs has recieved an injunction shutting down the information on their site temporarily. On that site was a great deal of clinical information on bloodroot. There are additional clinical studies at the end of this article and here are some alternative sources: (161 Clinical studies listed 9-25-14.)

Dr. John Willard

Dr. John Willard was a chemist and he discovered a way to change the structure of water. His catalyst was found to help the body remove toxins and integrate with cells making their function more efficient. In fact, it was discovered that it greatly helped to repair the damage done by radiation. It is safe to use in animals as well as humans. Some have seen great results when taking it with other natural cancer treatments. In an article entitled, “Reversing Cancer Through Building Immune Health, Dr Victor Marcial-Vega, M.D, uses it as part of cancer treatments for his patients (Alternative Medicine Digest, May 1996, Issue 12). You can read more about Dr. Willard’s Water here:

 Dr. Lorraine Day

Lorraine Day who contracted breast cancer was the Chief of Orthopedic Surgery at San Francisco General Hospital and was an Aids expert. She refused to follow the usual protocol knowing that the prognosis for cancer by conventional methods was not desirable. She has appeared on such shows as the Oprah Winfrey show, 60 Minutes, Nightline, and Larry King Live. She used an alternative treatment to cure her cancer. She is alive and well after over 19 years since her cancer. Her protocol includes spiritual, nutritional and supplemental components. You can read more here:

Origin of Discrimination

The origin of this discrimination begins with education. Most medical doctors have no training or very little training in nutrition or the holisitic perspective. If many patients are returning to these treatments, then why would they be left out of the education process for medical doctors? The pharmaceutical industry cannot patent natural substances and they never should be allowed to do so. Nature belongs to all of humanity. Therefore, there cannot be profit made on the scale as can be made from synthetic drugs that can be patented. This means that commercial enterprise has little interest in pursuing a natural alternative to the synthetic chemicals.

On the biological level, there is a problem with the synthetic version. It does not completely match the body’s chemistry. This means that it will work against the body in some fashion and eventually encourage the degeneration of the body. Interestingly, most of the drug ideas come from observing what happens in nature with plant life. Then pharmaceuticals must mimic the chemical reaction of these substances in order to create a product that can be patented and profited from on a large scale. While some great strides in understanding chemical processes has been made in the pursuit of understanding these chemical processes, the end result is that a system of profit has taken precedence over cures and balancing technology with nature. There is indeed a science to these cures and substitutions and fake versions of them are on the market. Just as the pharmaceutical industry has grades, the nutraceutical industry has grades as well. There is a science in how these materials are processed and prepared. This is necessary in both of these fields.

It should be noted that these doctors and researchers are trained in the medical field and science. The rigorous training they undergo is essential, but should be enhanced by understanding that innovation comes from them being empowered to make a difference. This is something that the medical field should be proud of and embrace as humanity moves to a new place where medical field and holistic medicine can work side by side without profit being the biggest factor of what people know or have access to for health.

The great advances made by Nicola Tesla in the way of infrared, x-ray, radio waves, and many others have served as a great service to the medical field. This was a man who became a vegetarian and in his later part of life became enthusiastic about living in harmony with nature. No doubt, he would be thrilled to know so many doctors have taken what they know and what they are taught and come to a place where they have educated themselves on a better way. This change is as monumental as Tesla’s water car was in curbing pollution.  It is time for the discrimination to end and both sides of schools of thought on health to lay down their differences because people’s lives are at stake.

It is the sovereign right of each individual to decide what treatments they choose when it comes to their health. No one living in a modern society should still be facing discrimination about their philosophy of health. The Hippocratic oath of doctors to do no harm includes that fact that they must respect a patient’s philosophy of health and choice to use a holistic perspective. The doctors that are leading the way in bridging the gap between the holistic perspective and modern medicine are indeed practicing a philosophy of healing.





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Additional Clinical Studies Sanguinaria Canadensis (Bloodroot)

Alkaloids Isolated from Natural Herbs as the Anticancer Agents

Evid Based Complement Alternat Med. 2012; 2012: 485042. Published online 2012 September 4. doi: 10.1155/2012/485042

Alkaloids are important chemical compounds that serve as a rich reservoir for drug discovery. Several alkaloids isolated from natural herbs exhibit antiproliferation and antimetastasis effects on various types of cancers both in vitro and in vivo. Alkaloids, such as camptothecin and vinblastine, have already been successfully developed into anticancer drugs. This paper focuses on the naturally derived alkaloids with prospective anticancer properties, such as berberine, evodiamine, matrine, piperine, sanguinarine, and tetrandrine, and summarizes the mechanisms of action of these compounds.


Sanguinarine Inhibits Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor Release by Generation of Reactive Oxygen Species in MCF-7 Human Mammary Adenocarcinoma Cells

Biomed Res Int. 2013; 2013: 517698. Published online 2013 May 21. doi: 10.1155/2013/517698

The inhibitory action and the possible mechanism of anticancer compound Sanguinarine (SAN) on vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) in human mammary adenocarcinoma cells MCF-7 were evaluated in this study.


Apoptosis Induction of Human Bladder Cancer Cells by Sanguinarine through Reactive Oxygen Species-Mediated Up-Regulation of Early Growth Response Gene-1

Published online May 22, 2013. doi:  10.1371/journal.pone.0063425

Although the effects of sanguinarine, a benzophenanthridine alkaloid, on the inhibition of some kinds of cancer cell growth have been established, the underlying mechanisms are not completely understood. This study investigated possible mechanisms by which sanguinarine exerts its anticancer action in cultured human bladder cancer cell lines (T24, EJ, and 5637). Sanguinarine treatment resulted in concentration-response growth inhibition of the bladder cancer cells by inducing apoptosis.


Bloodroot (Sanguinaria canadensis L., Papaveraceae) Enhances Proliferation and Cytokine Production by Human Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells in an In Vitro Model

J Herbs Spices Med Plants. Jan 1, 2009; 15(1): 45.

Almost all investigations have suggested sanguinarine is the most bioactive of the alkaloid group. Several medical uses for bloodroot appear to be substantiated by in vitro models. Most of these studies used sanguinarine (13-methyl[1,3]benzodioxolo[5,6-c]-1,3-dioxolo[4,5-i]phenanthridinium) in isolation, rather than whole-plant preparations. Sanguinarine has demonstrated anti-cancer activities in vitro, due to the ability to inhibit proliferation or activate components of apoptotic pathways (,,,,). Sanguinarine also shows anti-angiogenic (,), anti-inflammatory (,), anti-platelet (), and antimicrobial properties (). Fewer studies have examined extracts made from whole plants rather than isolated compounds, and possibly that combinations of compounds may collectively exert different effects than lone compounds.


Strategies for prostate cancer prevention: Review of the literature

Indian J Urol. 2008 Jul-Sep; 24(3): 295–302. doi:  10.4103/0970-1591.42608

Sanguinarine, an alkaloid derived from the bloodroot plant Sanguinaria canadensis has been shown to possess anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. It has been shown that sanguinarine can cause cell cycle blockade and apoptosis of human prostate carcinoma cells via modulation of cyclin kinase inhibitor-cyclin-cyclin dependent kinase machinery.[] The growth inhibitory and antiproliferative effects of sanguinarine in human carcinoma cells was irrespective of their androgen status.


Secondary Metabolites from Plants Inhibiting ABC Transporters and Reversing Resistance of Cancer Cells and Microbes to Cytotoxic and Antimicrobial Agents

Published online Apr 23, 2012. doi:  10.3389/fmicb.2012.00130

>It is remarkable on the first sight that also quite a large number of more polar phenolic SM (phenolic acids, flavonoids, catechins, chalcones, xanthones, stilbenes, anthocyanins, tannins, anthraquinones, and naphthoquinones) inhibit P-gp, MRP1, BCRP, and OATP in cancer cells with MDR. Some of them can reverse MDR when given in combination with cytotoxic agents (Table ​(Table2).2). Bacteria and fungi appear to be sensitive as well (Guz et al., ; Falcao-Silva et al., ). Some of these phenolics are lipophilic enough to be competitive inhibitors of ABC transporters.

This review summarizes the evidence that selected SM of plants can be interesting candidates to inhibit ABC transporters in MDR cancer cells or to chemosensitize pathogenic fungi and other microbes for treatment with antimicrobial agents. Whereas lipophilic terpenoids and alkaloids appear to be substrates of P-gp, MRP1, or BCRP and thus competitive inhibitors, the more polar phenolic compounds (flavonoids, tannins, quinones) can bind to the transporter proteins and inhibit their activity by disturbing protein conformation. A combination of a cytotoxic agent, antibiotic, or fungicide with a natural chemosensitizer (not necessarily an inhibitor of ABC transporters) might provide an interesting strategy to overcome MDR in cancer patients and to improve antibiotic or antifungal efficacy in medicine, agriculture, or food industry.


Discovery of anti-TB agents that target the cell-division protein FtsZ

Future Med Chem. Author manuscript; available in PMC Jun 1, 2011.

Published in final edited form as:

Sanguinarine, a benzophenanthridine alkaloid derived from the rhizomes of Sanguinaria canadensis, is known to have a broad range of antimicrobial activity []. Beuria et al. reported that sanguinarine inhibited cytokinesis in both Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria by arresting the E. coli FtsZ assembly []. Electron microscopic images of FtsZ polymer treated with sanguinarine indicated reduced thickness and significantly shorter lengths of FtsZ bundles.


>Sanguinarine is a novel VEGF inhibitor involved in the suppression of angiogenesis and cell migration

Mol Clin Oncol. 2013 Mar-Apr; 1(2): 331–336.

Published online Nov 20, 2012. doi:  10.3892/mco.2012.41

Sanguinarine is a benzophenanthridine alkaloid derived from the root of Sanguinaria canadensis and other poppy-fumaria species, and has been shown to possess antimicrobial, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties (). An increasing number of studies have suggested that sanguinarine at micromolar concentrations exhibits potential antitumor activities by the inhibition of cancer cell growth, migration and invasion, as well as the repression of angiogenesis (). Additional studies have indicated that sanguinarine reduces VEGF-induced angiogenesis (). Moreover, the inhibition of angiogenesis by sanguinarine has recently been validated in melanoma () and colorectal cancer ().



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