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Danny Huffman- M.A., CPCC, CEIP, CPRW-Career Management Advocate

Danny Huffman is the author of “Your Personal Career Marketing Manual and Portfolio Essentials,” and “Your Personal Career Marketing Manual,” a student-speak and proven textbook bridging successful transitions for undergraduate students, graduate students, alumni, and professionals of all levels. A Certified Professional Résumé Writer, Certified Employment Interview Professional, and a Certified Professional Career Coach, as a vice-president of operations, Danny broke away from a major career marketing competitor to create a client-centered career management firm, CareerSI and EducationCS.A leader in the career management industry, Danny oversees all career/creative materials and career coaching services for Career Services International. Additionally, he is an active member with the National Resume Writers Association, the Professional Resume Writers Association, Career Masters Alliance, Career Directors International, the Southern Association of College Educators, and the National Association of Colleges and Employers. Beginning his professional academic career as an adjunct instructor, Danny offers hands-on expertise in the classroom. As a program/department chair, an associate dean, and an interim dean of academic affairs, his administrative and functional experience is recognized in many circles. Possessing an AA (Business), a BA (Sociology), and an MA (Humanities/Communication), Danny blends academia and contemporary industry knowledge to create interactive approaches to career development.Builder of many professional development training sessions and industry-specific seminars, his ability to fuse corporate, professional, and academia into a common thread is a sought after asset. An experienced speaker to audiences of 10 to 250, his most recent engagement at Yale University examined techniques to decode the Federal Career arena.

Co-Founder and Business Manager, Career Services International
Co-Founder and Business Manager, Education Career Services
Author, “Your Personal Career Marketing Manual”


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