Dophin Holocaust

Dolphins are complex creatures. They discipline their young and stand together against a shark. They have been known to rescue swimmers, sense humans that are injured, and speak a highly complicated language that we still are trying to decipher. Many of us know little about a dolphin in the wild, because we go to an amusement park and see a captive dolphin that gets fed when it performs a trick. This conditioned dolphin has little area to call home and while they may be safe from the slaughters of the seas will unfortunately outlive many wild dolphins.

The dolphins of the seas are in grave danger along with many of the fish species. In Japan, a travesty of great magnitude is commencing the decline of a wonderful and beautiful species. Thousands of dolphins are being slaughtered on a regular basis in Nazi style and added to food as fish. These dolphins are captured by these heartless fishermen and laid out as they watch their fellow kind get slaughtered, wail in pain, and wait to be next. Not unlike the regimes of history, the almighty dollar has sold out the human race once more.

What does it say about the human species that fails to recognize the sanctity of life? Dolphins have never started a war, cheated workers out of their money, caused a disease, or even created nuclear plants knowing that they would destroy life. Yet, they face a holocaust in which their innocence is their demise. Those of us that allow such behavior and turn a blind eye may one day face a holocaust much closer to home. It is our responsibility as humans to take responsibility when others fail to do just that. These men that are slaughtering these dolphins perhaps deserve the same fate, but should come to understand that what they do is in fact what they do to themselves. Nothing escapes the ripple effect we humans do to our food chain, our environment, and our own race. No man is an island. No dolphin deserves to be slaughtered.

Celebrities like Ted Danson, who founded Blue Voice, has been working to protect these dolphins. Other notable celebrities have also come forward. However, it will take public outcry to make the impact that is needed. Boycotting fish from Japan is a good start. Sending the message that slaughtering highly intelligent creatures for human consumption to make a quick dollar, is disgusting to the human race. I encourage you to spread the word, speak out and boycott Japanese fish until they get the message loud and clear. co-founder Ted Danson is well known for his outstanding film and television career. He is also known for his devotion to protecting the oceans and marine environment for nearly twenty years. As a spokeman for, Ted Danson has helped bring to public attention vital issues such as mercury and other chemical contamination in our food supply. The Wild Dolphin Foundation is a Hawaii-based grassroots NPO, whose mission is protecting and restoring the natural habitats of dolphins through research, advocacy, public education and conservation and to create culturally-sustainable change in human behaviors which continue to threaten the well-being of dolphins (and us) worldwide.





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