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Environment June 2007

By Dianne Irene

Our nuclear plants are getting old and it becomes hard to trust containment systems that once confined the radioactive waste away from our ecosystem. Our factories have pumped massive amounts of pollution into our environment. Even our suburbs are full of pesticides as we attempt to control these supposed evil insects that are invading our homes. The food we consume can be full of hormones chemicals, pesticides, and even poisons from artificial preservatives. The question of how long we can rape our planet before we start to see signs of danger is no longer one for the future. Our fish are disappearing, our children are getting sick, and despite empty promises, our environment is dying.

We are left with the realization that we must demand solar power, wind power, alternative fuels beyond oil, and renewable resources that do not harm our envrironment. There are simple things that we can do to start this process. There was a story told about a man who bought a car from his local car dealership and it did not take him long to realize he had bought a special car. He was getting over 100 miles per gallon! He thought something was wrong and he took it back to tell them, Of course they took the car back and told him it was a sample version from the factory and they mistakenly gave him the wrong vehicle.There would be no reason for this man to make up such a story like this.

Incorporate the following into your life:

* Buy organic food- this sends a message to the mass farming system that this is what we want.
* Stop using chemicals around your home. Simple rubbing alcohol or vinegar can be used in place of harsh chemicals that naturalist claim cause illness.
* Become actively involved in your communities where there are factories, nuclear power plants, and energy stations. Become vocal about wanting natural renewable energy.
* Ride your bike when you can instead of your car. most of us need the excercise!
* Read, read, read.
* Don't take the attitude that you will let another generation take care of the problem.
* Stop buying junk that you know will end up in a landfill like styrofoam and plastic.
* Take a new attitude about going natural. It is not weird, but neccessary.
* Remember that if you start seeing animals suffer, then it is only a matter of time before we do as well.
* Plant some trees and learn how to garden.
* Know your chemicals, before they know you.
* Recycle