MMS: The Amazing Healing Power of Stabalized Oxygen

By Dianne Irene All rights reserved. 2009

Jim Humble may be a name you have not yet heard, but it is very possible that generations from now that his name will be very well known like Louis Pasteur or Linus Pauling. Jim Humble began as an aerospace technician and became a non-degreed research engineer in aerospace. He worked on such projects as setting up A-bomb tests, gold mining, intercontinental ballistic missiles, power generation from plasma, wired the first US aircraft machine at Hughes Aircraft Company, and did repair work on a lunar vehicle (GM Defense Research Laboratories in Santa Barbra). He wrote 5 books on recovering gold and discussed that mercury was unnecessary for gold recovery. He became quite skilled on recovering gold with only water. He discovered that this concept was not easily adopted even though his methods are more environmentally friendly and more cost effective.

MMS is sodium chlorite which when activated give off a small amount of chlorine dioxide and should not be confused with sodium chloride or sodium chlorine. During a gold mining operation, he offered this solution he used to purify water to two men who were ill with Malaria. Within hours, these men were amazed that they were feeling better. Jim noted that by later the same day the men were able to eat dinner. He eventually became well known in the Guiana area for his solution. He had not yet perfected his purification formula and still did not have absolute results. He began to distribute this solution to people in the city and soon got the attention of a pharmaceutical company.  According to Jim, the government of Guiana stopped him in fear that the pharmaceutical company would stop shipping drugs to the area hospitals.  

He said it took him a while to figure out how to perfect the solution because his chemistry knowledge had been limited to metallurgy. He continued to distribute it to others when he perfected his solution. He indicates that this solution is basically stabilized oxygen. He began calling this solution Miracle Mineral Supplement or MMS. He discovered that lemon juice reacts with the solution that makes it more active (do not use vinegar as it feeds candida). He states that there is no harmful reaction with this solution when activated. He said it is actually a less powerful oxidizer than peroxide. This can actually make it more beneficial because it is then non-responsive to the healthy bacteria and tissues of the body. He noticed that it only appeared to oxidize pathogens. He also noted no build up and a few hours after activation the solution turned into a small amount of chloride or salt.

Pathogens are anaerobic which means they are actually a weakened organism. Aerobic organisms are the healthy organisms. These anaerobic organisms are then more vulnerable to oxidation. Hubble states that it is a weaker oxidizer than ozone and peroxide and that makes it more efficient in a reaction to weaker organisms. It does not have the power to affect the more powerful aerobic organisms. This solution breaks through the membrane of bacteria. This would be the effect each time and would not change even if the organism mutated. Antibiotics, on the other hand, can become ineffective if the organism changes. In a virus, the solution interferes with the production of the virus proteins and renders the virus unable to function and replicate. He noted that this result can be seen in parasites, fungus, bacteria, and viruses. He said he has seen thousands of people take the solution and others have distributed to hundreds of thousands of people for Malaria with no deaths reported. He even noted that worms were also killed inside of some citizens of Uganda and Kenya. Hubble says that if you can increase the communication between the brain and an injured part of the body then the healing process is accelerated. He states that this solution does exactly that. He said that he became very popular with the people in Africa despite those who were being influenced by the medical establishment.

He said that a millionaire was willing to put up the money to treat the entire country of Haiti. He traveled there excited about the prospect of helping so many people. After arriving, he discovered that the medical establishment in the United States discouraged the use of the solution and put pressure on the missionaries to discourage the people from using it. He stated that even the missionaries who were excited about this then also caved to the pressures of the medical advice.

Hubble has taken his solution out of the United States where he would be better received. A nonprofit civil association was formed and he has joined forces with medical doctors there and the solution is now being used in trials on AIDS, hepatitis C, and cancer. Thus far, the studies are going well. A few hundred patients there have been treated for cancer with the solution with great success. One woman with lung cancer, who was given a matter of weeks to live, was given the solution and within 11 days she was well enough to walk around. Within 15 days she went for a ride and a walk beside a lake. She was back to work a month later. One man, who heard of this solution, took some to his uncle who was dying of pancreatic cancer. Within days he no longer needed his pain medication. Within a week, he was well enough to display an interest in returning to work.

Humble also describes how this solution would work for cancer. He said the solution can also be used with DMSO which has a great ability to penetrate the skin and tissue. The solution is then soaked into the cancer and kills the bacteria or virus in the cancer. He feels that this then renders the cancer cell back to a normal state where it no longer needs to be killed. Internally, the solution is used in the amount of about 5 drops at about 5 times a day in the activated state. He recommends that some have successfully self medicated, but others have sought help from a practitioner and that it should be left up to the individual.

Oral health also stands to gain a great benefit from MMS. Humble stated that people have reported whiter teeth, stronger gums, and even a reversal of an abscess. Other reports have indicated great results with the flu as well. Hubble has been working since 1997 to see humanity helped with his discovery. He dreams of curing Malaria and AIDS. Some have been very receptive, while others have been resistant to seeing his dream become a reality. While most people would find it hard to believe that anyone would want to crush a dream like this, he has been told stories from others in the circle outside of the pharmaceutical companies that the FDA works in the interest of the medical establishment and that his dream could become a nightmare if he pursued distribution in the United States.

For the millions of people who die every year of disease, this man would be their hero. For those who have reached a level of mastery and maturity, this man is a master to be respected and honored. It is a travesty that bureaucracy has played a part in the distribution and research of such a discovery. Perhaps, like Linus Pauling and other nobelaureates, his contribution will take time to be recognized.

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