Mixing Human DNA with Animals July 2007

There has been talk of mixing DNA of different species.We see examples of this in ancient art and history contains stories about them. Recently, according to National Geographic News, Chinese scientists in 2003 were successful at combining human cells in rabbit eggs and terminated them after a short period of development. Last year a Mayo clinic in the United States successfully had human blood flowing through the veins of pigs. A university in California has indicated they would like to combine human brain and mice.

After thorough research into evolution as we have been taught, it becomes clear that many pieces of the puzzle are missing. It also appears that without some intervention, species cannot become another specie. Even evolution fails to show transitional forms and missing links that have not been proven otherwise by even some of the ivy league universities. Even in offspring, a wolf can mate with a dog and a horse can mate with zebra. However, a cat and a dog can not produce offspring in nature.

There is much debate in those who fall away from the mainstream study of history. Rumors of the Smithsonian hiding important artifacts and skeletons of supposed non-human skeletons that were more alien like than animal remain in the minds of some. Others point out the giant skeletal remains found in ancient times of both human skeletons and animal skeletons.Others speculate about the immaculate conceptions of prominate figures such as Gilgamesh or Jesus. Some therorize that these immaculate conceptions came from other races that are more advanced or from God himself, and that there are other examples of angelic, or superior races intervening in history. Despite these and other theories, there is still one concern that we can all agree upon. The sanctity of life and showing respect for how they are treated.

How can we not think about our lack of human maturity while our science reaches beyond our understandings of the human spirit? Handling an animal with human DNA becomes an issue of human rights, or animal rights. However, we should already be at point where we recognize the value of every living thing on this planet. Until we start doing that, a fear of playing god may be founded indeed.

Rreference: ( retrieved on July 5th, 2007)



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