The Archive: April 2008 (As featured in the online newsletter Career on the Line by Education Career Services, Inc.)
Sir Isaac Newton
The Archive - by Dianne Irene

Inventors have paved the way for new technologies, better efficiency, and more convenient human performance. The road of many inventors has been challenging, often dangerous, and even rewarding. One such man, Isaac Newton, contributed a new philosophy of science.

He was fascinated with the physical world and how things worked. His curiosity was the foundation for his immense pursuit to understand the dynamics of math and science. He especially took an interest in light waves and certainly could not have foreseen how his contribution would someday lay a foundation of concepts that are accepted by those scientists who now explore the string theory or somnoluminescence. He just knew that he saw a world full of light and wanted to understand how it interacts with other things. His strong math skills and his great love for science even led to his exploration into the concepts of gravity. However, his thirst for knowledge also led him into alchemy which has recently gained much more interest. He even delved into reconciling ancient manuscripts so that they shared more of the same view of history. Newton like Einstein, in his later days became focused on that "other" element in science. This led to his pondering of how the part of us that makes us alive fits into the physical realm.

Newton faced his share of critics and was one who also had to forge a path that was independent from the thoughts of his time. He had to get to a place where what others thought of his scientific and philosophic ideas could not keep him from forging a new way. His journey shadows much of what others must do in any field in order to succeed. It is then essential to believe in the hard work, overcome the fear of failure, and know that new ideas require change in thought which can take time.



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