Think about what you put into your body. Is it alive? Is it natural? You would never imagine putting a computer into your mouth and trying to eat it. So think about all of the synthetic foods you ingest. Think about all the pesticides, hormones, preservatives, and pesticides you consume. Read the labels and if you cannot pronounce the ingredience then you probably should not be putting it into the body.

* Your body is alive- so eat live food.
* Eat lots of fruits and vegetables. If you must consume meat, then avoid red meat and pork. Red meat is hard to digest and pork contains retroviruses.
* Avoid bleached products like white bread and table sugar.
* Do not use synthetic sugar. Many of these are cancer causing agents and one can even cause symptoms of MS.
* Eat organic whenever possible. These are foods that are free of synthetic pesticides and chemicals.
* Avoid high fructose corn syrup, "vegetable" oils, and MSG.
* Use virgin coconut oil and olive oil to cook with. These oils are stable at higher temperatures.
* Drink reverse osmosis and distilled water. Spring water is ok if it has been purified.
* Do not expose yourself to cleaning chemicals like window cleaner and bleach. Use rubbing alcohol and vinegar.
* Food supplements are neccessary because we have depleted the soil. Do not take sythetic vitamins that many stores sell. These are not easily used by the body and can be toxic. Plants digest nutrients for us. Take supplements that come from plants and herbs.


Dianne Irene 2007



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