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Opportunity in a Time of Trouble

By Dianne Irene

There is great opportunity in front of us at the present. The world is changing from what we know to be the current reality. We are now more aware of how we treat our planet, animal life, and even our fellow human beings. Some of us feel that pull to become more aware and more sensitive to what is going on around the planet. Some look around and see the monetary system failing and think that it is the basis of society. How can we function without a monetary system? If we look into the deep recesses of ourselves, we will see that this system is a superficial one that we have grown accustomed to as members of society. However, we know that it is a temporary value and that human beings far outnumber the value in a monetary system. Anyone who could deny this is denying themselves. While this may seem like a futuristic fantasy, it is where the race on this planet should be going. It means that we should be developing communities where we care for each other and work together. Imagine if humans were no longer a controlled being who had to participate in the daily grind of work, school, and pressures of complying with the process of daily life.

Let’s look even deeper; shall we? Beneath the flesh, we are spirit. This is the part that makes us animated. It is the immortal part of ourselves. Even if we are removed or disconnected from our current bodies we would then experience reality without them. The point here is that we are not our bodies and they are not us. We are much more in the sense of creation. We are immortal spirits living in a flesh reality until we wear out or are separated from that body. Some people have realized this truth after a near death experience where they were able to bring back memories of a glimpse of what is beyond the veil of the physical realm. Some of us are sensed to be old souls and young souls and this is not that far from the truth. As immortal beings, we will not be destroyed and will live on from the time we are created.

Now, the physical realm has been the only conscious reality for many in this lifetime and any memories of eternity are not conceivable to them. They struggle with everyday life and their values are in the carnal things. They are not evil, just not aware of what is beyond the veil. Knowing this immortal secret would bring their reality to a new place where they would appear to grow as a spirit by leaps and bounds. However, in reality they are really just asleep and unaware and this growth would be an awakening.  As spirits, we know this truth and need only to awaken to its reality. At that point they can choose denial or embrace it. If they chose the path of denial, they will struggle and deep inside feel fragmented. This can trace their behaviors to a variety of carnal traits. If they choose to embrace this reality then they will soon become aware that they no longer fit into the daily reality.

At this point, the search for the truth usually begins. Some find their peace of mind in saturation of the current reality. Others begin to explore what some term as “outside of the box”. This brings about the reality that there may be more than one reality. Those who are capable of seeing multiple perspectives usually catch on to this reality more easily. The sense of a personal awareness and self responsibility is a part of this awareness. We are eternal beings that exist despite the rules and realities we now face. Therefore they should not define us or confine us to control from outside forces. We are responsible for our spirit and its journey. Allowing others to take control of our destinies and desires will only hinder our development as a unique spirit on a journey of growth and exploration. After all, this physical journey should not be wasted by being locked into someone else’s perspective.

Some spirits have come to this reality and seem to have been given great opportunity and earthly wealth. From the modern societal perspective, this puts the masses at a disadvantage. We view it this way because we are living in their reality. Their values have become our values. Money, fame, and power are at the forefront of many of the stories of history. This is because their reality has been repeated over and over again. However, we are no more disadvantaged than they are at any point in spirit. We would not be at any disadvantage in the physical realm either if we were more aware and more responsible for our own well being.

How can this realization be applied in a practical way? We need to take care of each other. If you awake to discover that the monetary system has completely failed ask yourself if you would be willing to do what you do to take care of each other? Imagine if you lived in a community were money was not all that necessary, but resources were utilized to create harmony. Then who would be wealthy? Who would be powerful? Life was not meant to be part of a slave system of debt and control.

The environment is our home and we are its inhabitance. Just as those who oppress truth for power so too those who have been harsh to our environment are trading harmony for disharmony. Everything that is done is and will exist. There are two sides to this reality. One is that it exists as part of our history once something occurs, but the other is that it also is a fleeting reality in the physical realm. The consequences in the physical realm will take precedence in the physical sense. However, the spirit in the dimensional realm will follow the laws of dimension. Even those that some have seen as gods will merely be subject to the same realities in the spirit as those they have suppressed. Pain inflicted upon the weak will translate into feeling that pain caused from their perspective in the face of truth. No one escapes the behaviors or truths of reality in spirit. Even in the physical realm they may claim victory and arrogance, but truth is immutable in spirit. While some have evolved in knowledge and understanding, they have not taken their role as teacher seriously. They have held on to their morsels of golden knowledge as if it belongs to them. Truth belongs to no one and exists in itself. Therefore it is for everyone at all times.

So, if society awakes one day and there is no source of money then look to these thoughts and remember that we all contain the capacity to care for one another in choice and in spirit. The choice is ours to make. Communities of individuals are a far better choice than chaos and madness. Far too long we have relied on an artificial system and now is the time to consider things that are “outside the box”. Do not be afraid to reach out to your neighbor and care for each other. Do not keep score and certainly do not think like the machine of monetary enslavery that has led us to this place in the first place. Millions are losing their homes, their jobs, and their careers. As human beings let us not lose our humanity and what we are capable of as stewards of the truth. Energy should be free, our resources should be used wisely, and humans should be cared for and nurtured. Anything less is well, unevolved.


Dianne Irene 2009

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