Peace for Mankind

Mankind has experienced many things through out history.  Many of us have desired for humanity to evolve spiritually and to find that humans have become loyal to other humans. Some have been given great opportunity and many blessings, but as a race we have not yet learned to stand as one race. Some souls are young in experience and others are what many see as old souls. We should be giving our children greater knowledge and training than what we have in the current generation. This should follow each generation with greater and greater knowledge. Our current education system has not been able to fully develop into this because we have allowed politics to infiltrate the sanctity of education.

The current social issues we face on this planet are absolutely our own responsibility.  As we continue on in this journey, we must understand that our place here is temporary and meaningful to our spirit’s journey. No matter the outcome of the future, our spirits will go on existing.  However, our choices in our world affect the future generations of lives on this planet. The suffering that we as a race face leaves a legacy for those who follow. This cycle has run a long course and now there are many who desire for the evolution of the spirit to take place. Many obstacles have been placed in our way by both our own choices and the choices of those who watch our development.

What does superiority really look like? Is being a race to suppress other races and cultures or to use the efforts of others to sustain ourselves an acceptable practice? Why is it that when there are those who begin to question the routines of society, they become a paradox to the main stream? Many have become complacent and this has caused a great slowing of our spiritual development. Now is the time to become aware of our behaviors as a race and to regroup our efforts to sustain the desires of the soul. Remember that while we have classes and races that are seen as superior to others that this has only served to keep us from evolving as one race and as spiritual beings. In spirit, there is no class, no race, no carnal wealth, and no keepers of power over others.

We live in a world where currency has deemed the powerful and the clever as rulers of events. However, as beings in this timeline, the real currency we have is time. It is time that runs and time that ages. It is time that runs out in this lifetime to see our children play and speak in sweet voices. It is also time that heals and grants our understanding to experience. We should savor time as a gift that when ignored becomes a burden.

In the ideal world we are creatures of personal responsibility with the desires of personal determination. We see the world through our eyes and our spirit. We do not look to angels to save us from the dark, but stand in faith and confidence that we are given a sacred spirit that can express the beauty that our creators has given us. We have a great desire to use unconditional love to teach, guide, and create. We remember what we are in this universe. Humans are a creation who embraces love and releases pain and fear.

The time has come for humanity to stop and listen to the spirit. Each one of us has that inner voice that speaks and those voices that come from a higher place. We need to listen and listen soon. Do not hesitate to feel and sense the truth. Move away from what others say and sit and listen. Think and feel. It is essential that humans do not consume too much distraction with the daily entertainments and rituals of daily life. Realize that what others do around you is a place for them and that your place is one that is created for you.  Inner peace can only come from taking inventory and understanding that a connection is necessary at the soul level with all that has been given to us by the creator. This beautiful planet that was given to us and all its inhabitance are our companions. We have what we need to live. There is water, food, and an environment that was divinely given to us. We should not have to pay to live with what has already been given to us by a creator. However, some have become greedy and created a system that locks us into a systematic existence.

Our currency system has kept us from realizing that what is here is already ours. It is our mindset that is flawed.  We bought into this system. Instead, we could live in a place where we do what we do because we love to do it. We challenge ourselves to improve our systems and creations. We do it for the next generation that we create responsibly and with great reverence as parents of sacred souls. When we deprive others then we deprive ourselves. We belong to each other. We should remember that we are creating our future by the choices that we make today. Peace is in living in our spirit and knowing that it is where we will return.


Written by Dianne Irene 2009 All Rights reserved.