Real Success in Leadership By Dianne Irene © July 2008

What makes someone great and memorable? Is it becoming a title to an article in the future, being a household name, being the first to invent something, or even being able to keep a prestigious job for a period of time? Perhaps, what makes us great is our ability to “do” with character. This leads to the point of what makes a real team player who can focus on the big picture and see a vision for the future.

What separates those who have achieved in a system from those who have arrived to the human element is a sense of growth that lends itself to that unspoken character element. Some define truly arriving in their careers as achieving a large office, supervising others, or even getting a raise. However, when the day is done it is the knowledge of who we really were in those moments of success and in obstacles that will reveal our character and essentially who we really are as professionals.

What kind of leader are you? It is easy to be good to others when there is prosperity, but it is those who show poise when things get difficult that are displaying true leadership practices. The human element should never be forgotten under any circumstance. At the end of the day, we are all part of a family, have hopes and dreams, and stories of our own. The most important aspect of a person’s career is the legacy of integrity and empowerment that is left behind.

• Always communicate the truth. Anything less will eventually corner you.
• Practice positive speech even in a heated discussion. This leads to resolution. Negative speech only leaves rifts that are unproductive.
• Make sure that you continually seek out different perspectives. Someone who only sees one side is not practicing leadership.
• Remember that winning is not a goal, but rather resolution and growth. Then prosperity will come.
• Say you are sorry when you make a mistake. Then make it right.
• Don’t judge others by your personal expectations.
• Don’t blame an individual for your lack of group success. Take responsibility and regroup.
• Focus on solutions and not on problems.
• Realize that micromanagement is for small children and not for adults.
• Always offer something to others in the form of service, advice, or product even if you are not selling them something.
• Sometimes those who speak the least have the most to gain.




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