Nicola Tesla

By Dianne Irene Copyright 2008

Nicola Tesla was a brilliant physicist, mechanical, electrical engineer, and inventor. He was born under the Austro Hungarian Empire and later became a United States citizen. He has been considered, “The Father of Physics” and even credited with, “the man who invented the twentieth century.” While the mastery of science came quite naturally to Tesla, he struggled with completing school, handling stress, and having relationships with his family. He seemed to live barely inside of everyday reality and experienced visions that were apparently tied to his ideas. He would envision an idea in great detail before he would begin its actual creation. He was so intense that he even suffered a nervous breakdown early in his career. Telsa was also unconcerned with finances and dedicated himself instead to his work. He made claims about possible advances that no one had conceived of exploring. While he can be credited for contributions that range from electromagnetism, robotics, x-rays, radar technology, ballistics, and even with inventing radio, he was also seen as a mad scientist.

When Tesla arrived in the United States, he brought little with him except a recommendation letter that he submitted to Thomas Edison. Tesla was a great help to Thomas Edison and was able to solve some of Edison’s company problems. Edison promised him a raise to redesign more efficient motors and generators. Telsa did what he knew to do and threw himself into the work. However, Edison did not keep his promise when Telsa was finished. Telsa quickly went his own way and started his own company. Unfortunately, his investors wanted control of the direction of Telsa’s ideas. Telsa soon found himself looking for a new job. He landed a job with Westinghouse where they allowed him to explore one of his ideas about the development of AC power. He later set up personal labs and conducted experiments including the transmission of energy without wires. He later conducted artificial lightening tests and radio tests and claimed he could use them to communicate with other planets. He even felt he had received signals that might have been from outer earthly sources. He even felt that Einstein’s theory of relativity was flawed. Still, Tesla produced what we now know as the death ray weapon (“peace ray” to Tesla) which was reportedly seized by the government and said to be top secret. At the end of his life, Tesla felt that light was a particle and a wave which was later investigated by quantum physics. He also believed that using a “light” wall would enable space, time, and gravity to be used in ideas like teleportation, time travel, and anti-gravity technology.

Late in his life, Tesla became a vegetarian and felt that plants were a superior energy source and was concerned with the slaughter of animals and famine. Tesla was even opposed to war and remained unconcerned with material wealth when he tore up a contract with Westinghouse that would have made him a billionaire. He was also concerned that it would alter the possibility of free power in the future. His rival Edison also confessed on his death bed that he made a mistake in not working on the technology that Tesla had advocated. Neither received a Nobel Prize for their many works at speculations of disgust for their rivalry. He also created an electric car that would have drastically changed our dependence on oil and contributed to keeping our environment cleaner.

Tesla spent the remainder of his life in a hotel suite and died at age 86. His legacy is unique and astounding. He never married and it is claimed that he remained celibate through life. Although, he felt that women would one day be the dominate species. Overall, the FBI seized over 80 trunks full of scientific research by Telsa. While he may have seen a very different reality than most, he contributed to the human race in ways that has greatly advanced science, medicine, and technology. Tesla was one of the greats and just maybe, it is we who have fallen short of understanding and appreciating his reality.

Source: Nicola Tesla. Retrieved from: on April 15th, 2008.


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