The Next Step in Human Spiritual Evolution


Secrecy has kept humanity from progressing in several ways. While we currently live in an environment where secrecy has been heralded as a way to protect and control information, people, and cultures, it has also kept humanity from progression. This concept is in fact so progressive that some are threatened by the very concept. It means that monetary wealth, technological advancements, and trade secrets would be threatened according to current standards. Humanity must eventually realize that it is our environmental factors that are flawed and must someday change if we are ever to progress in our spiritual evolution.

Secrecy is actually a weakness when considering the other side of the coin. Imagine a race that creates advancements and then freely shares it with humanity. Where would their weakest link be? Their energy would be spent on the next advancement and not on maintaining control of a particular advancement. When we tap into truth, it does not mean that we really own it or even created it. Truth, advancement, empowerment all belong to humanity and it is really awareness that brings about the realization of these things.

Humanity has a pool of momentum that can progress or regress. Looking at physics we see that everything has an energy which creates a momentum. While one person making a ripple in this momentum can seem unnoticeable, it actually creates energy that seeks to move forward. Looking at a person who is always seeing the negative side of situations will serve as an example of this type of momentum. Then we must consider the momentum of someone who sees the opportunity in situations and how they create a momentum. Then, if we were to multiply this momentum it works much like the concept of multiplicity.

Humanity needs to ask: which momentum would we like to create? Sometimes we get so caught up in our cultures that we forget that humanity is a collective. From a higher perspective humanity has unison. As an example, we can consider the human body. If your brain wishes to keep a secret from your leg, then your leg cannot function as its highest level. If your leg wishes to keep a secret from your brain then, function will be impaired. The human “body” works the same way. We can only be as great as the least of ourselves in a collective. In our culture we use the predator prey mentality to justify the current system. In reality, the secrecy and control produce low energy momentum. Instead, empowerment and transparency create a high energy momentum.

Energy Momentum



lower energy momentum

higher energy momentum

Regression- Fear

Progression- Love

Control and secrecy bring about fear factors which is also a low energy wave source. Those who live by fear cannot progress and give up their ability to think in conjunction to feeling. Fear acts as a vacuum that feeds secrecy and control. It works much like a bully on a playground. When everyone has fear of the bully, then the bully has power and is fed off this power. If however, transparency surfaces with those who have been bullied comes about, then the bully is suddenly reduced to a member of the collective and is not exclusively separate. Transparency would then reveal that the bully has been using fear that has caused a lack of cohesiveness. When the group gives up that fear, then the collective becomes the strongest force. The bully can only be king as long as he is viewed as if he is on a throne. When the weakness of fear is revealed, then the higher energy momentum once again begins to progress and the transparency brings about empowerment.



Transparency is a practice that humanity needs to appreciate. This means that we will have to recognize our addiction to power, money, and control. It means that secrecy only serves to stunt our spiritual maturity. These lower energy momentums cannot allow the progression of humanity as a species. We must embrace transparency and allow our race to progress in a way that will bring about our realization that we are a race that is connected on every level regardless of the allocation of resources, understanding, money, power, and technology. Transparency is the next step in human spiritual evolution where we can achieve the appropriate use of free will.


By Dianne Irene November 2011 All Rights Reserved

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