Unconditional Love: One’s Greatest Achievement

Many people throughout history have desired to achieve great things. Some have desired to conquer lands and people. Some have desired to achieve a title or status in society. While others have desired fame or a glory associated with some task. These things have filled many of the days for some lifetimes. For some at the end of their story, they may have declared their satisfaction with experiencing what few have had. However, a human’s ultimate arrival in life is something that is not associated with these achievements.

It all comes down to a foundation of one journey no matter the details. The greatest journey for every human spirit is the journey of love. Whether this love is between two people, for orphans, or to live a life of service to progress some aspect of human life, it still is about love. Some greats of history have sought this great service to humanity and thus been unable to cherish the aspects of personal relationship with a mate, but still they contributed greatly with great love for humanity. While others have made use of everyday love in kindness, effort, or discovery.

Still some seek to leave a legacy of good will to humanity such as those who have lived rather solitary lives. These individuals have been considered rare. Some of these greats have been a kin to Mother Teresa. One such great was blessed to have lived among the normal path of family and love such as Gandhi. While some others have been like them, but did not receive the recognition, because they were extraordinarily different. For example, Tesla was a great man who never married and lived a very solitary life. He had great contributions to give to humanity including xray, infared, radio, the peace ray, and more than 80 trunks full of scientific ideas left after his death. Regardless of humanity lacking some care in how they spent the knowledge gained, Tesla gave great things to humanity. These greats often live a life that few have strove for in current times of human history.  Society has offered too much distraction for the majority to seek such lives, and others have been meant for different journeys. Those individuals not meant to be a Mother Teresa can still reach a purpose in love.

The key is ultimately for us to become unconditional love. This means that the societies that separate us are merely obstacles in our way of growing up as a species. We live these lives with different paths that all lead to the same place. This place is where we must think, choose, and grow. Those who have given into greed, power, and entitlement have missed the mark of our journey and only act as an obstacle in our progression.

Each sacred life upon this planet is all part of the same circle. The most real part of ourselves is not of flesh, but of spirit which is only on borrowed time here. This school called life is a stage for all of us to act out our purpose and to become more than when we came. Some play out their lives as if they know the script and some get lost in the props upon the stage and do not really get into their performance. Others remain reactionary and others seek to steal plots that do not belong to them. Still we are all part of the same cycle. We have come to be students of time and spirits in flesh with the purpose of becoming unconditional love.

Dianne Irene October 2011


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